#WarrenYard_cement #cement Cement Works - 11 - Pre-mix Building This stage is the mixing before firing to create clinker, hence pre-mix, structure 11 on the site map. The basis of this building is the Walthers Coal Flood Loader and although not the biggest of the kits so far it was the most difficult to assemble, the instructions on assembling the superstructure are weak for such a complicated building. Even after dry assembling first, some parts became obvious that they were not assembled correctly, my errors were only found when trying to proceed with a later stage. My DIY rule "If you can't do it right first time, make it look as though you did" was duly applied. The structure required entry of the two materials to be mixed, i.e. crushed limestone and silica sand, a hopper for storing the mix and transport to move the mix to the pre-heat building (15). The hopper of the coal flood loader is as the kit, silica sand arrives via sub-surface conveyor from the silica sand silos (12) and is raised by a bucket elevator at the opposite end to the hopper. Crushed limestone is delivered by a steep angle belt conveyor (ribbed on carrying surface) from the limestone warehouse (10) . Both are additions to the kit. The original hut on the extended staircase landing was moved to ground level as a control and maintenance access for the bucket elevator and the original conveyor aperture covered with two Scale Model Scenery grills. The materials are mixed (imagination required here), up to 5% silica sand is added to the crushed limestone, the mix is then fed into the hopper. As required the mix is discharged via the TH under the hopper to the conveyor which carries the mix to the pre-heat building (15). The angled roof of this TH was a labour of daft love to construct so that it connected to the hopper cleanly. For strength of assembly the building stands on a baseplate to keep everything aligned and secured, most painting being done before assembly and finished off with a dusting of white representing the limestone dust covering over the buildings prior to firing stage. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-29 07:46:07 UTC