#warrenyard_mineral_dock #coal #mineral #dock Mineral Dock - 1 - Coal Tippler This Walthers kit was originally going to be used as part of the colliery site very much as the original kit, but I have since found a great deal of information on Welsh and English collieries that I will now use to scratchbuild all the buildings to the same style as each other. This meant this building would have looked out of place, but the dockside location suits it perfectly with modifications to chutes and stairways. It is now modified from supplying 3 rail tracks of wagons and lorry loading hoppers to a dockside facility. The rear ground level doors have been opened out to accept 4mm scale 6 wheel coal lorries to pass through left to right for loading. Track path 1 is now the return path for loaded lorries. Track path 2 is for sifted out spoil and any other debris to be dropped into railway hopper wagons for disposal. Track path 3 now overhangs the dockside with two chutes angled out to load coal barges. Left hand stairway has the addition of a landing with the steps going back to the dockside. The first 4 images show the building and the 5th shows it in place but not yet bedded in, with the conveyor coming off the hillside via a scratchbuilt transfer house. The shelf for the 'water' is yet to be put in place. Jim

Posted by Jim Franklin at 2021-04-29 08:25:58 UTC