How do others feel about manufacturers duplicating products ? Me I'm fed up with it ! It takes a long while to bring a product to the shelves - research, CAD, prototype, tests, final, shipping, to name but a few processes and it isn't cheap. So when you see Hattons announce the their Genesis Era 1/2 coaches only to be gazumped by Hornby I get annoyed. Now we have Hornby announcing their model of 'Lion' only for Rapido to announce the same thing a few weeks later. Why can't the research guys meet once a year to discuss their ideas and ensure there is no duplication ? They each need to sell a set number of items to cover all their costs, by splitting sales between two companies, I can't see either recouping their costs. As for keeping confidences, if they all meet, there's 'Mutually Assured Destruction' as if one let's slip what others are thinking if, then others would reveal the discussions as well. They just all need to behave like responsible adults - just like we do on here ! Duplication has occurred before and in the current circumstances it will happen again. There are so many things that have never been made, that for two of something to be produced is such a WOMBAT - Waste Of Money, Brains And Time. What do others think ? Snowy #lettingoffsteam #havingamoan

Posted by Snowy at 2021-04-29 11:33:20 UTC