Hi all. Just to declare where I am with my "modelling" - I am planning an 00 scale layout, probably about 16' x 12', double track mainline tail-chaser with through station, plus branch line extension to village terminus. Period mid-50's to mid-60's, combining the old GWR, LSWR, SDJR/LMS running possibilities, so, fictionally, somewhere south of Bath. I own a couple of Hornby and Bachmann analogue controllers from train sets, an old Gaugemaster DS and H & M Clipper, both of which seem to work! I have also acquired a number of Triang/Hornby lever switches - majority black and some green and yellow. My knowledge of electrics is extremely limited, (hence joining this group) and I have rejected DCC on the grounds of cost and practicality (some of my locos are antediluvian). Nonetheless I want to achieve some kind of cab control and isolating sections for shunting and multi-train running if possible. I'm also quite happy to try manual point and signal control, but maybe powered will be more practical, once I master the distinctions between solenoid and servo etc! So I'm starting from scratch really, and eager to learn. It has been suggested I join MERG which I am considering, as they too have a DC/Analogue group. Any help, advice, suggestions and ideas coming from fellow club members will be very gratefully received - including where to start! Looking forward to engaging with you all. Cheers, Roy.

Posted by werk2do at 2021-04-29 15:52:57 UTC