Good morning all, railway modelling is a great hobby, and everyone has their own thing. Mine is building, which is probably why I’ve had so many layouts. In particular, scratch building in card. Now I know scratch building to some people is one of those black arts, but it neither has to be difficult or expensive. Why card ? It’s simple, card is versatile, flexible, but can be fairly strong if layered. But that’s not the main reason, the card I use costs £3.50 for an A1 sheet ( roughly 23 x 33 in old money ), and a tube of UHU glue costs £1, funnily enough from the pound shop, so if I make a complete mess of it, I bin it and start again without breaking the bank. Start simple and work your way up. I have attached some pictures, the plate girder bridge, which is about 6 foot long is completely made of card and matchsticks, something like that is a good starter. At the other end of the spectrum is my representation of my local railway station, finished earlier this year, and almost completely made of card, including the base. So take the plunge and get stuck in. All the best. Doug.

Posted by doug.bull1 at 2021-04-30 08:30:56 UTC