Good morning everyone. My name is Andy and I live in Carshalton, Surrey. I’ve been attempting to start a model railway for years but work has always got in the way and then my interest somewhat disappeared. But since the pandemic and being furloughed for 3 months, the bug started to reappear. To date I have tidied up the loft and built my base and installed the electric s, but that’s about it. I’m will eventually build a OO gauge layout around Era 3/4. My passion lies in modelling and since I found Justin, Tina and the gang and a big thank you to them for the brilliant structures they produce. This is a great community and I hope to gain lots of advice from everyone. Like where do I start. I will put up pictures as things start to take shape. I the mean time everyone have fun and stay safe.

Posted by Andy-s at 2021-04-30 09:56:09 UTC