BB017 & 21 Live Build Replay For the bonus video this weekend we have a replay of Wednesday live build in which I built a couple of our baseboards in record time! We're hopefully going to build a layout based on our BB017 and 21 baseboards for the Mevagissey Model Railway 50th anniversary event in ten weeks' time... no pressure then!! In this video, we run through the basic baseboard assembly (they're a piece of cake) and run through ideas for what type of layout we're going to build. Lots of ideas for what we think we might do with this layout. If you have any suggestions please do drop us a line via our help desk email which can be found here. If you fancy one or two of the boards we're using you can find them here: Here's the video

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-04-30 14:31:03 UTC