Hi guys, my name is Rob and I live in Swansea. I usually sign off as Bobby 'T'. I joined the club a few weeks ago just before Justin announced the new version. My brother and I have been into modelling most of our lives covering railways, diecast collecting and kit building. After a number of years of diecast collecting I have returned heavily to model railway, although at the moment I don't have a layout. I am a member of the 'SWANSEA MODEL RAILWAY GROUP', a friendly club that would usually meet twice a week. Here I am currently working on an 'N' layout called CWMFELIN PARKWAY. I am in the process of building a 5.7m x 4.7m shed to house my layout with work now progressing on the interior work of insulating and electrics. I model in 'OO' AND 'N'. I hope to add some photos showing the build soon. in the meantime please stay safe and well and hope to chat soon, regards Bobby 'T'.

Posted by robtemple2k5 at 2021-04-30 16:26:46 UTC