Evening all... Just a quick one to introduce our Verified Member Program. It's similar to the verified programs on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram only you don't have to be a celebrity! With the Railway Modeller Club Verified Member Program we're simply looking for those that offer help & guidance to other modellers. Or who know their onions and are happy to share their skills. Or post inspirational photos & videos. Interact and generally make this place a bloomin awesome place to hang out. The only strict stipulation to be awarded a green tick is that you must have uploaded a Profile Picture. (it can be anything you like... doesn't have to be a mugshot). We'll be awarding Green Ticks at our discretion to members that we feel are really doing their bit to contribute. And we'll be awarding other prizes along the way too. The first round of verified member awards have just been issued to: @Timo @deletedmember @Dave Allen @Graham Moore @doug.bull1 @Mike B @steve.barnett76 @diggerevans @Peaks 47 @david_watson24 The next batch will be awarded a week today! Congratulations to all!

Posted by justin.noble at 2021-04-30 19:46:43 UTC