So I thought I'd put a post up on the roads as people are interested. So the way I've been creating my roads is by painting a textured concrete effect acrylic paint onto the base directly. For a road surface I've darkened the paint to look more like a road, simply adding some burnt umber or black into the pot till I'm happy. I'll add some more photos into the comments to show the process. So then once I'm happy with the colour I'll sand it back with fine sand paper, then paint on the road markings with acrylic paint. Then sprinkled a little weathering chalk over it and brushed it in with a washing up scrubby. Then get a good bit of boot polish into the pad and again quite aggressively go over the whole surface and blend it as you go, the polish will leave little blotches, how prominent it looks is also down to how much you scrub it. I'm finding this paint on eBay about 7 quid a pot, one pot will actually cover quite a large area, and it's weather and light resistant to. I'm working in O gauge, but I see no reason why it couldn't work for 00 gauge, maybe just sand it finer. Thanks for reading and I hope some folks find it helpful

Posted by Dave Allen at 2021-05-01 03:15:05 UTC