Hi there guys, what an enjoyable hobby this is. Beechwood Vale is based in Stockport in an 18’ x 8’ garden shed. This is my second design in the shed. My railway is similar to Garry’s at Cheekytek. Raised high so the layout is at eye level which is easier on my back. Within the next couple of years I’d like to start a 009 railway at desk high underneath the railway with hills/tunnels to drive through. The OO gauge railway has the Metcalfe castle and station. Plus I’m creating Oakworth station on the heritage line. There’s a canal. High street and most importantly a TMD yard. Never done one before so I’m looking forward to adding detail. As we all know this hobby takes ages and is never finished. Enjoy 🚂🚂

Posted by Beechwood Vale TMD Railway at 2021-05-01 07:45:18 UTC