We are about to “push the button” on a loft conversion to house a large layout. Architect has done his bit, structural engineer happy. Proper stairs coming up in one corner, 4 velux windows at the front, fully insulated, 3 or 4 dormer windows at the back (planning dept won’t allow them on the front), separate plant room for all the tanks and electrics, a room and pipes for a small bathroom (may not put this in yet but it will be ready). But none of us involved (me, builders, architect, electrician etc) have done this with a layout in mind. House is about 30m by 12m, not exactly sure how much useable space we will have. Sonos sound system, Rako controlled LED lighting. Not sure what to do heating wise, underfloor electric heating or radiator benches likely options added to our Heat Genius system. Would appreciate any lessons learned, tips etc from those who have already done similar please!

Posted by David N. at 2021-05-01 07:46:27 UTC